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Photovoltaic system


Photovoltaic systems convert using the photovoltaic effect solar energy into electricity, placed on the south side, at the optimum angle annual insolation for a particular region. Photovoltaic systems can power DC appliances, and if we add exchangers can supply AC loads.

Photovoltaic systems can be divided into two basic groups. The first group are the so-called independent or insular systems where produced electric energy is stored in batteries or accumulators. Others were more prevalent nowadays and modern, network systems, which produced electricity surrender to the power system.

Elements of a photovoltaic solar system largely determine the characteristics of the building (position, orientation, size) at which the system will be installed. As to the position, first take into account that there is a built near the power system. If it is not built, or the termination point generally away, and thus connection set is expense, then we can consider the construction of the insular system, whose costs can be compared with the cost of connection to the electricity grid. If the costs are similar, or is the insular system even slightly expensive than the connection to the power grid, building that system worth, because the electricity generated energy will be free.

In urban areas the electric grid is built everywhere. At these locations, it is possible to build the network, because the legal frameworks for the opportunities are created. Then have we still a choice of island systems, but in this case are substantial economic benefits on the side of foreign network systems.

Advantages of photovoltaic systems

  • There is no need for connection to the power grid, which is good for objects that are far from the electricity grid.

  • Photovoltaic system allows us to that we not have to pay for fuel, but we produce the energy. Energy from the sun is free and available, and the excess energy can be stored in batteries.

  • Automation photovoltaic system allows you to run remotely (eg using a mobile phone)