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Photovoltaic modules


The main element of every solar power solar panels, which represent the solar power generator.

Photovoltaic panels or solar panel is made up of a group of photovoltaic cells, which is usually around 36, series-connected, creating modules with nominal voltage of 12 V.

Every single photoelectric component has a maximum output voltage of 600-700 mV, and photoelectric components connected serial are creating modules with nominal voltage of 12 V. Power produced by one photovoltaic cell is relatively small, so that in practice more components has associated to the group thereby forming a photovoltaic cell, more photovoltaic cells makes a photovoltaic module or solar panel . When you connect multiple solar panels, you get a field of photovoltaic panels, which is part of the solar photovoltaic power plant.

Energy of solar radiation reaching on the Earth are 10,000 times greater than the energy required to satisfy the needs of humanity, for the period of one year. When it would be seen that in one square meter reaches 100 kWh per year, it would need to cover an area of 150 x 150 km2 to the energy consumption for the same year (data from 2001). Today more and more begins with the application of solar photovoltaic power plants for industrial purposes, even in those countries which are rich in oil.