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Grid photovoltaic system


Grid PV systems use the public network as a container and do not require batteries. So-called interactive mode uses surplus of energy during sunny day to supply it to the grid, and during night or lower radiation time, energy is takend from the grid.

PV modules are connected through the inverter to the distribution network and they produce solely DC eletrical energy. Inverter has to convert the electrical energy into AC in network frequency (50Hz) so that loads can be supplyed and the array can work parallel with the grid.

Distribution network connection can be formed in two ways:

  1. Output current is used to supply the consumers in the household, and the produced surplus is measured and delivered to the network

  2. PV system after the inverter and a measuring meter is connected directly to the network, i.e. all produced energy is given to the network and the consumer is supplied by the network through it's own energy meter . This method is advantageous for the consumers considering that the production of electrical energy from the PV resources is subsidized, so you can make more money by supplying all the electricity to the network.