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Production of photovoltaic power


We will achieve a photovoltaic power plant project to the best solutions to take care of:

  • Adequate equipment of high quality and affordable prices

  • Consideration will be calculated and provide you with yields of electricity on an annual basis

  • We will provide the necessary documents and permits (HEP HROTE)

Production of photovoltaic power (FNE) under the "turn-key" means to complete the job of making and commissioning to companies Flamtron Ltd. and its staff. We will determine the yield estimate power at your location (Wh/m2) and help you choose a system tailored to your needs. Highly qualified staff will prepare a project to all statutory standards and fight you all the necessary permits.

The equipment that we install ensures you an excellent flow of energy from solar energy. Besides the production of electricity from photovoltaic systems, we offer home heating and water heating.

Modules carry high quality certificate with factory warranty electricity yield of 100% - 90% of the first 10 years and the yield to 81.4% nominal yield of energy over the next 15 years.

We deliver you the inverter with 5 years warranty.

We also supply and install the necessary mounts for modules (roof and samostajaće), and the necessary cables to connect the modules and cabinets with the necessary protective equipment.

In addition to installing the technical parts plant, we are available for any question related to work or adjust the system to your needs.